Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 98

The scene played out flawlessly, just as predicted by Greg. He has spent so many hours on the water, watching fish feed and coaching anglers to the redfish of their dreams, it’s easy to think he has an extra sense allowing him to guide the way he does. He’s humble about his unique skill set even though most anglers and guides consider him the penultimate guide in his part of the world for this species. The next day after the interview session and hearing some truly insightful thoughts from Greg about his chosen profession, the relationship between his family and guiding anglers to the fish he chases, we’ve made the simple decision that we’re coming back to the small spit of land called Delacroix Island and the gnat-infested Breton Sound Marina, only the next time we’ll have fly rods in our hands instead of camera gear and we’ll be bathing in insect repellent before we arrive.