Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 52

Product Spotlight

(Stuff you should probably buy, but probably shouldn't tell your wife you did)

Flycraft USA

We have been lusting after this boat for a while now. In our world there are many types of fishing that require many different types of watercraft to access properly. WE have found a few fantastic boats but there is always that one creek, where there is no ramp, its straight down a hill, its too skinny to float, ya know, that one. Well this is where the flycraft excels. Ben Scribner, owner at flycraft said "I have long envisioned a boat that didn’t exist. I searched and searched for the answer. Everywhere I turned was a dead end". Well ben and the rest of the guys at flycraft got this one right. After putting it through some tests we can certifiably say that it is the most comfortable, maneuverable, and versatile light craft on the market. With the ability to float two large dudes and a bunch of gear down rivers that might not otherwise be accessible, the flycraft sets itself apart from the pack. The best part, when you're done, just throw in on the roof! It doesn’t get a whole lot simpler than that. Look up the guys at flycraft and start envisioning the floats that you haven’t been able to do before, because this boat will take you there.