Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 24

Summer Water

Run off is complete. The silt has settled and dirty water blown downstream. Anglers shake off winter’s rust with a purposeful dose of anticipation. Water temperatures rise, convincing aquatic insects to complete their cycle, presenting opportunity to hungry trout. Terrestrials fly or crawl recklessly close to waters edge. The unlucky ones are swept away; food for precious trout. This is the fly fisher’s time to feel the bend of the rod against azure skies and cotton ball clouds.

Summer water compels fly fishers to settle into a comfortable and contemplative pace. The rhythmic splash of oar blades to water reaches our ears in concert with tight loops to rising trout. Summer water dares us to wade wet, to feel cool water rush past our legs. Summer’s therapeutic aroma of sage and pine fill olfactory senses. A Redtail hawk soars effortlessly on afternoon thermals. Swallows fly in acrobatic mayhem, snatching the evening hatch out of the sky. Anglers cast toward the ring of the rise. Summer water is host to the dance.