Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 159

To say I’m lucky to have been raised in such a rad place with amazing people is a very big understatement. The places we live reflect the people who call them home, and Western Montana is no different. There are some of the most wild and scenic areas here for a reason; because the inhabitants have chosen to be stewards to the place they call home. They care about the world around them with a sense of compassion and companionship that rivals one of a mother and her offspring.

Being a Montanan, I truly believe we have some of the wildest country around. Every time I set foot in a river headed out fishing I look around me and I truly am thankful for every ounce this place has to offer. I have yet to find somewhere that compares with Montana. I may be the wrong person to talk to though; my thoughts are probably biased.