Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 86

Product Spotlight

(Stuff you should probably buy, but probably shouldn't tell your wife you did)


You may think this is "similar" to other rafts on the market and you might be right except for a few key differences that we want to be clear about: 1. Gets three people on the water. 2. 13'-6" Length

3. 4'-6" width .4. One piece rigid frame 5. Normal Dierks drift anchor system 6. Hinged front casting brace / lean bar

Arcade Belts

The Original Adventure Belt: The first ever belt designed for all your adventures. Built to move, to use and abuse and to be comfortable through any activity. Stretchy comfort. Non-Slip Buckle. Out of the way Low-Profile Design. Weather-Proof Materials. Specs: Full stretch. Slim Polymer Buckle. Sizing: 1.5" belt width. 41" Max Size