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TALKEETNA, AK – Moments ago, Governor Walker announced that he was, “shutting down the Susitna Watana project.”In response to this news, the Susitna River Coalition released the following statement:

“On behalf of our more than 13,000 members throughout Alaska, the Susitna River Coalition applauds Governor Walker for this tough, but responsive and forward-thinking decision to reject the Susitna dam and pave the way for a sustainable future for one of Alaska’s greatest salmon


“We are thrilled that the Governor has listened to Alaskans and made this critical decision to shutdown the Susitna dam. In a time when Alaska faces difficult decisions, this is the right choice for our communities, economies, and fisheries.

“Our way of life and economic well-being are intimately tied to a free-flowing Susitna River. For years, the threat of damming the Susitna has cast a negative shadow over our local economy and

been a weight on our shoulders.

“Today’s announcement shows leadership and decision making that will be the Governor’s lasting legacy. He is on the right side of history – preserving our salmon rivers, putting the state’s economy first, and listening to Alaskans.”


The Susitna River Coalition includes a growing community of more than 13,000 individuals,

groups, and businesses from around Alaska who support a free-flowing Susitna River and the

healthy communities it sustains. Our immediate work is to stop the proposed Susitna mega dam

through collaboration, education, advocacy and awareness of the values of an intact Susitna

watershed. Our long-term work is to establish permanent protection for the river. Find us online

at or on Facebook.