Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 68

Where the River Runs (WTRR) was born. Our story started out like much others. Mama wanted to see pictures so we took them with a point and shoot. And what do you know; the point and shoots nowadays have a fully functional video setting. Our start-up videos were just that. Home made quality that only a mother would love. I won’t ever forget the phone call my brother made. “Hey I just spent eight thousand dollars on gear that isn’t fishing related”. Blew my mind but I knew my brother had every intention on seeing that investment give back to our home and the people who have supported us from the beginning. He believed ‘Home’ was worth it. Our videos and photography have traveled to some venture. My old man likes to say, “not bad for a couple of boys from Albuquerque, New Mexico.” We now have a tremendous amount of support and a small team of seven who share the same love for New Mexico. They can also shoot video and pictures at top-notch quality. The team created itself really. We grew up together and have been fishing these waters for years. It’s not hard to pick up a camera and allow what you’re shooting really take over. We were all raised with the same principals and take pride in whatever we do. We don’t take showing the beauty of our home waters lightly. We count it as a privilege. We want our pictures and videos to carry the weight we know they should. We owe it to our culture. Culture molded us. It’s the norm because it’s all we know. We eat, sleep and breathe the beauty of our home.