Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 62

The families of NM would agree; if you put red or green chili on something inside a tortilla, it could be a beautiful thing. You’ll be asked at most restaurants red or green. They are referring to two of the staples NM is kind of known for. Green chili comes from and actually originated in the small town of Hatch and you really can’t have good green without good red. Red chili came so naturally. You can travel the world and not find the cuisine you find in NM anywhere. The influence of Mexican and Native American foods combined to make the New Mexican type of food. It’s a thing of beauty. You can say the same for the wild life. When you think of hunting or fishing most don’t jump to NM as a thought or place of destination. Although, lately the popularity and production of some of the quality hunts has increased, I believe in my simple world that it is still somewhat under the radar. New Mexico has some of the best trout fishing available in the country. It also has one of the most prodigious Tiger Musky fisheries. My brother and I set out to appreciate the beauty of NM and picked up our first fly rod set-ups at a young age. I’ll never forget the moment my brother handed me a dry fly set up and getting tagged on top water for the first time. It changed everything I knew about fish and fishing. I never picked up conventional gear again.

We learned the most pressured areas and the off the grid areas that only a few have even seen much less fished. After spending countless hours on the water. We found that we had a choice to make. To guide or the second possibility that no one thinks of, shoot high quality video and hope our videos reached a large audience. Truly expressing the beauty and uniqueness New Mexico has. It will never get old hearing from people after watching a video “that’s New Mexico?”