Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 109

In 2014, I got my bachelors degree in Studio Art from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. My time in the art department at Westmont had a huge impact on the fine tuning of my ability as well as my identity as an artist. Finding your voice and purpose as an artist is something that every artist can relate to, and often times something a lot of artists can never escape from nor find. I am very thankful that even before college, I began to receive a valuable art education from a very invested high school art teacher that prepared me immensely for my college training. During that time in high school, there was an expectation of intentionality and reasoning for the work I was creating. To just draw or paint something “pretty” was off the table completely. Although as a sixteen year old it was a hard task to articulate my creative process, it was then that I first began to understand what a conceptual approach to art making looked like. At Westmont, I fell in love with the process oriented medium of printmaking; specifically intaglio printmaking in the form of etching and drypoint techniques. On a daily basis I would lose all sense of time in the studio while I fleshed out my own concepts and projects into the late hours of night. The taste of conceptual art making I had initially been given in high school only grew larger in college through cohorts and critiques with fellow students and professors.