Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 85

I struggled with whether it was couth to write an article about not catching fish. One of my pet peeves recently is people trying to be too serious or coming across conceded in their literary exploits. We are, after all, just standing in a river waiving long sticks. As I struggled with it though I had another realization. Part of what makes steelheading great is the fact that you don’t mind not catching anything. It is to be expected and even knowing that, it doesn’t deter those truly afflicted. For me, more than any other time it took me once again being in the moment, in the river with these creatures, with the spey rod in hand, to realize the privilege it is to merely chase these fish. To realize that in this case it really is the pursuit that makes the effort worth it. Every cast could be the one, but if its not its ok. Clearly this is “preaching to the choir” but sometimes the choir is too busy singing the music to hear the message.