Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 4

Revive - A Fly Fishing Journal

Winter 2014

Volume 2

Edition 3

Grand High Marshall of Unruly Facial Hair:

C.B. Crumpler

Director of Nonsense:

J.T. Armstrong

Wizard of Design and Saltwater Taffy:

W.D. C. Chandler

Art Fairy:

Mac Chandler


Bucky and Britta Buchstaber

C.B. Crumpler

J.T. Armstrong

Jillian Lukiwiski

Jean Crumpler

Derek Olthuis

Cortney Boice

Gabe Bizeau-Regis

JJ Parson

Nate Karnes

Dan Rice

Jeff Cole

Brett Seng

Cover Image:

JJ Parson

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14 - Welcome to the Jungle

Words by Bucky and Britta Buchstaber

Images by Ian Pratt

48 - A Worthy Fish

Words and Images by Jillian Lukiwiski

70 - Steelhead Sermons

Words and Images by C.B. Crumpler

82 - Testing Murphy

Words and Images by Cortney Boice and

Derek Olthuis

104 - Triple Windmill

A Revive Fly Fishing Short

108 - Back Home

Words and Images by Gabe Bizeau- Regis

126 - Cold

Images by JJ Parson

150 -Oink

The Art of Nate Karnes

170 - Inside Bozeman Reel Co

Words and Images by Dan Rice and Brett Seng

200 -Grouse Hex

Tying Video by Fly Fish the Mitt