Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 3

Black and white photography is powerful. For those of you who may have been with us for a while, you could probably surmise that we are fans seeing as though each of our 7 cover shots have been in B&W. We are no nostalgia loving, old curmudgeons but there is something about the emotion that a B&W film shot delivers. Perhaps our memories are color blind or something. Flashbacks to beautiful memories seemingly always end up being B&W and for that reason when looking at other peoples shots we find ourselves wondering, "What would that look like in B&W?" Simplistic perhaps. We think this condition becomes even more tangible in the emotional and meteorological environment of Winter. The colors of the natural world are overpowered by the process by which they are renewed and a beautiful monochromatic lens is placed on all of our eyes. We for one look forward to this time. Sure green trees and blue skies are nice, but how about a fire and a coat and a stout beer and some child like fun in the snow? So break out the vice and pop the top on that molasses thick ale that’s been in the back of the fridge. Let’s tie some flies and relish the weather because that other season will be here soon enough.