Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 28

The other fear that I had to overcome is simply that of insecurity. It was a fear that I couldn’t accomplish anything as great as this. I knew the idea could happen but I was afraid that I didn’t have what it took to see it through. This fear plays out differently in so many lives. It could stem from a troubled or abusive childhood where insecurity was beat into you. It could stem from rejection or abandonment where insecurity was the only thing that someone left. Whatever the case, I found that we are able to reach far beyond the limitations that we set for ourselves. I think we set boundaries to what we can accomplish far shorter than we need to. I think society can also set boundaries that hold us back from doing what we’re meant to. I was fortunate enough to brake those self-limiting boundaries by building a Tilapia farm for kids in Thailand. I even broke those boundaries in a short fishing trip that we took in the jungle right after our farm project was complete. This fishing trip was another one of those great rewards.

Once the farm was finished my wife and Dan’s wife Kristy needed to fly home and the rest of us had a few days left in Thailand to kill. We decided to use this time hunt a Jungle fish called Blue Mahseer. We also used this fishing trip to film a new video for FFC. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

After struggling to find local knowledge of these fish we finally found a guide in southern Thailand who assured us he can help. We booked the trip without hesitation.