Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal - Page 164

I’ve also gotten back into drawing – t-shirt designs, fly boxes, stickers, etc. I really like having fun and drawing things that I think are fun or funny. Probably the most popular things I’ve done are my pigs. I was literally in the shower one morning thinking about how fisherman call big fish they catch “pigs” and thought it would be funny to draw an actual pig with Brown Trout markings. People who don’t fish don’t get it, but fisherman see them and immediately get the joke. I’ve done several other pigs since the initial Pig Brown Trout – Smallmouth, Musky, Carp, etc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the fly fishing community through my art. There are so many folks I haven’t actually met, but there is a camaraderie that exists between those of us who know the joy that being obsessed with being outside on the water pursuing fish on the fly.

If anyone is interested in any of my work, they can contact me via email at, visit my website –, or follow me on instagram @nate.karnes