Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal (volume 2 edition 1) - Page 96

“Playtime gets ever shorter shrift in this hectic modern world. It’s a crime to spoil what few pleasant moments we can steal by bringing to the water the results-driven expectations of the workplace, turning something meant to be fun into a warped imitation of what we’d hoped to leave behind. In doing so we miss what leads us to the water in the first place: the hope- not the absolute promise – of connecting briefly with another life, and another way of living, through a line cast long months before.”

So where I am going with this? The express lane to mediocrity and certain discontent? Surely not. Sometimes it is necessary to go backwards to realize how to efficiently go forward. Every time I “come home” to North Georgia its not what I find while Im here that tells me where I want to go, but rather I find that I more certainly understand where it is that I came from and how that understanding will help me get there .In todays modern world of fly fishing with all of the distractions and adrenaline infused man-tosterone sometimes reflection is necessary and better than chasing the next big thing. Maybe John Wayne was right. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be complicated. Sometimes black and white is best. Cheers to finding that thing and place that is as clear as black and white.