Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal (volume 2 edition 1) - Page 81

From an industry side I see a few more years of new offerings and a few more new companies that will offer fiberglass fly rods. The three areas that I believe will see some more choices pop up are in economy priced glass, heavier line weight glass (six to ten weights and beyond), and then switch and even spey rods made of glass. Anglers are asking for all of these and the industry is responding.

Do you have any particular favorite rods?

That is a tough question since I fish is glass fly rods from one or two weights to nine weights and even switch rods as well. It's really hard to pick favorites but what I look for typically in the fiberglass fly rods that I use all the time is that they are "do all" fly rods, with a progressive taper that can cast dry flies, nymph, and even huck streamers. That said, there is something really cool about a full flex or parabolic three weight made for dry flies and trout looking up in small water.

From the factory fly rod side of things, I am really impressed with the new Orvis and ECHO offerings along with being a long time fan of the Scott F2. On the small shop side of the house the special offerings from Larry Kenney, Kabuto Rods, Swift Fly Fishing, Graywolf Rods, C. Barclay Rods, Ijuin Rods, and Rod Catalog are all very note worthy as they have all spent quite a bit of time developing the fly rods and blanks that they are building on among other artisan and hobby builders.

All that said, I am just as likely to pick up an Eagle Claw Featherlight and head down to the pond and bump poppers across the surface for an eat.