Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal (volume 2 edition 1) - Page 80

As far as the fly rods today compared to yesteryear, I would say that great fiberglass fly rods that were made fifty years ago are still great today. A good rod is a good rod. What's interesting in the fly rods made today is that there is some very interesting things going on with taper design, materials used, and some in depth creative thinking which is creating fiberglass fly rods that are lighter in weight, available in a all sorts of tapers from slow full flexing to parabolic to more progressive or even what is considered "fast" for a fiberglass fly rod. Not everyone is building the same fly rod and it's great for anglers to have so many choices.

What's it like to be involved with so many great rod builders?

Rod builders, and those that work within fly rod companies, are an interesting lot and I have a good time with connecting with most of them to discuss current offerings and future projects. Some call or email, sometimes I even get to mess around with prototypes.

With the increase in fiberglass rod offerings expanding every season, where do you see things going from here?

I really think that fiberglass fly rods will always be a niche within fly fishing and I like it that way. Fiberglass fly rods are unique and it's neat to see them embraced by more and more anglers over the past few years.