Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal (volume 2 edition 1) - Page 2

As a group in general I think that we fly fishermen like to consider ourselves learners. Practitioners of an art form that has been passed down in both verbal and written history we have carried on the traditions of those from the past, and innovated new practices that are in turn to be handed down. One of the most effective ways to share information is by speaking with someone face to face, perhaps over the interwebs these days, and then to document what they have to say. An Interview. It wasn’t necessarily the goal when we started putting this issue together to put a heavy emphasis on interviews, however as it came together we realized that there are so many wise, gifted, passionate people in the sport right now that we can all learn from. Every one has their own way of doing things, their own gifts, their own causes and sometimes one of the best ways to learn yourself is to listen to others experiences and decide how to incorporate those thoughts and experiences into your own. We have been so pleased to meet so many great individuals and it is our honor to present some of that information to you. Along with those interviews we are once again proud to have some amazingly talented contributors who have given their time and effort to put together material for all of us to enjoy. Now the dog days of summer are upon us and the bugs are hatching and the fish are rising, but take a minute to sit back and unwind with us as we present to you our latest effort. Perhaps you will learn as much as we did. Tight Lines People.

-The Editors