Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal (volume 2 edition 1) - Page 17

One day we were listening to an amazing talk given by a high-powered attorney and philanthropist, Bob Goff. Bob uses his skills as an attorney through a non-profit called, Restore International to fight for freedom and human rights all over the world. Hearing his story continued to inspire us to use what we have for a greater purpose than our own. It also caused us to dream much bigger than we had been dreaming before. My wife turned to me in the middle of Bob Goff’s speech and said “Tilapia farms!” At first I had no idea what she was thinking. I knew about the amazing opportunities that Tilapia farms bring to orphanages. We have close friends that dedicated their lives to travel around the world providing sustainable livelihood by building these farms. But why the heck would we want one in our back yard? I asked my wife “what are we gonna do with a Tilapia farm?” (Yeah, I’m a bit slow at times.) “No silly”, she said, “we can raise money through fly-fishing to fund the farms!” Ah-ha… Click! I got it. It all came together. That simple idea turned into a dream that we just couldn’t let go of. We knew this was much bigger and much better than anything we could do ourselves so we began share this idea with our friends, asking them to join in. That’s how Fly Fishing Collaborative was born. And now, only a year and a half into it, we’ve turned into a big community empowered to make a huge difference.