Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal (volume 2 edition 1) - Page 146

My name’s Captain Jordan Carter and at the moment,

I mostly pride myself as an up and coming guide in

the Lower Keys. This was my first season working as

a legitimate licensed captain and it had its ups and

downs as fishing often does. If I were known for

anything on the water, it would be courtesy and hard

work. If I were known for one thing in the fly fishing

industry, it would be zero tolerance for avoidable failure

of today’s overly expensive products.

I grew up tarpon and snook fishing in South Florida

with my father. When we moved up to the Midwest, I

caught the trout, salmon and steelhead bug, which took

me to Alaska. I then took that bug back down to

South Florida tied it to some shock tippet, fed a large

tarpon and instantly lost it.

When I’m not fishing in the lower keys, I’m working

in Alaska and have done so for the past several years.

In the fall when I’m not in Alaska or South

Florida, I’m usually fishing for Musky in Wisconsin.

Along with musky, I fish gaiter browns, bull trout, and

anything else that will chase a streamer half its size.

As far as photography goes, I’m lazy behind the lens

and lack the motivation needed to avoid photographic

mediocrity. The following shots were all taken in my

2014 tropical season, both with a point and shoot and

an SLR. Recently, I spent way too much money to

be able to use my bigger camera underwater. I

included my most memorable moments of the season I

was lucky enough to capture. Enjoy!