Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal (volume 2 edition 1) - Page 138

Tell us about your favorite piece that you have ever done, your personal favorite.

That is the question I am asked the most and probably the most unanswered question by me. There are so many tattoos that I have done I am completely satisfied with. If I do one that I feel I have outdone myself with, it just means that the bar has been raised and I have to try harder to outdo myself. I have to continue to progress.

I can tell you about an honorable experience though. When I lived in Indiana, I worked with kids on probation throughout the week and tattooed on the weekends. I had a client that I had worked with for well over a year, a good kid. I got to know him and is family quite well. After I moved to Ohio, I heard that he got into drugs again. I tried reaching out to him, but to no avail. A few months later I received a call that he had overdosed and passed away. This was really hard for me and I beat myself up over it for a really long time. On a trip back to Indiana to do a guest spot at the shop I had worked at there, his mom came in. She asked me if I would do a tattoo for her to pay respects to his memory. It was pretty simple in skill but one of the hardest tattoos I have ever done. It was the first time I had ever been attached to such a tattoo. I couldn’t help save him from his addictions like I wished I could have, but I knew that I gave his mom a bit of comfort and closure that day. It was a really good day to be a tattooer.

My favorite painting is the trout I did in the coffin with the skull and crown. If you are at a point that you aren’t catching them, you might as well paint them!

Where can people see you art and get their hands on it, and where can people get an awesome piece of body art put on them by you?

My website is It is still under construction though. I haven’t been too dedicated to having it all the way finished. I am a little old school that way. Websites seem like too much business and less personable. I am on Instagram under mikeprickettii. Usually I would recommend that if someone sees something that they like or want a custom painting done, just to email me at I do a lot of trades with fly fishermen for flies, gear, and other artwork. Most pricing is done on a piece by piece basis.

I perform some FINE ELECTRIC TATTOOING at Evolved Body Art in Columbus, Ohio and do frequent guest spots at The Tattooed Heart in Lafayette, Indiana