Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal (Volume 1. Issue 4. Spring 2014) - Page 3

It seems like every time there is a changing of the season there is a renewed energy amongst the lot of our collective lifestyle. It could be that it coincides with the quarterly nature of our magazine, but every time the new issue is about to drop we are approaching another seasonal change. Fall brings on cooler nights and the best of sports memories, winter can inspire a feeling of adventure testing the cold and darkness, and summer brings around lakes, oceans, sun baths and parties -- but spring…ah yes, spring.

Nothing can compare to spring. The freshness of the air, the rejuvenation of flora, the emergence of well... emergers. It is all refreshing and for some of us it is the start to a much greater time of the year. A time when we are no longer slaves to the whim of the weather but rather we are relishing the weather and allowed to frolic as we please on newly minted buds and clean crisp air. It’s the time to revisit that small stream that holds that lethargic fish awaking from its slumber. Time to clean out the motor and go explore those flats you haven’t seen in 4 months. Its time to just be outside no matter where it is. We are glad to once again be a part of your transition mindset. Now get out there and revive your outdoor spirit!

-The Editors

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