Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal (Volume 1. Issue 4. Spring 2014) - Page 108

There is a part of me that believes that I do this, because I can’t not do it! My art is my creative outlet when actual time on the water, fly fishing isn’t an option.

Like Jake in the last issue, I too am a simple man. I find this to be true of most fly-fishers. I suspect our calm, low-maintenance character can be attributed to our love of fly fishing. The art is in the beauty of the landscape and the running water that paints the pictures that are laid out in front of us. It is in the beauty of our gear, the simplicity of connecting our minds to nature, and the rhythmic movements that allow the fly to dance with the water.

It is from this peaceful simplicity and artistry that I find my inspiration. My art mirrors the clean lines my mind sees in nature, but with a kick of color that might only be found downstream of a nuclear power plant. It also lurks in the frustration that can so often accompany a day on the water, when the fish just aren’t willing to play along! These are the days when I force myself stop, sit on a rock and contemplate my surroundings. Inspiration abounds, once you stop and look for it.