Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal Revive- Farewell Issue - Page 96

It All started actually not so long ago back in 2015 July. Then we visited Finnmark for the very first time. It was a short 4 day fishing adventure though. And great opportunity to experience fishing for atlantic salmon in Northern Norway. Well first time being there was not so lucky. During that short period we both had a chance but didnt achieve it. My buddy had hooked into a good "1meter" fish but didnt manage to land it and i also lost a smaller fish. BTW it was my first salmon which took my bomber fly!

We were so amazed by The atmosphere in Finnmark. Beautiful nature with different surroundings, gin clear rivers full of salmon and fantastic midnight sun witch gave an opportunity for longest fishing hours possible! We were so exited that as fast we returned to Oslo we started planing our next short trip right away. And 3 weeks later we were back there again. This time scenery was pretty similar to our first trip. Except one average size fish was landed also some were hooked but came off.

How ever those two short trips were a great sneak peak in to Norther Norway and it`s fantastic rivers with variety of their pools meeting local anglers and learning a lot of new things about fishing there. It was such a priceless experience by exploring all of it.