Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal Revive- Farewell Issue - Page 74

The first couple hot days after a hard rain at the end of May will start to give a Utah fly fisher a touch of anxiety. When the sun first breaks the canyon rim it begins to warm the leaves, branches, and cicadas. The first clicks that indicate the end of indicator fishing and the start of good things to come. This is when the phone starts ringing.

Cicada fishing on the Green River can be addictive, and I am the drug dealer. We have a good product, it is strong and it is pure. Most people can remember the first few times they saw a fish holding in the seam waiting for a dry fly nearly the size of your thumb. A soft little plop above the visible brown trout as the fly lands not so gently on the water. A little lean, a look, it rushes over. opens that big mouth and eats. It is an easy hook set if you wait long enough before you swing. Damn it is hard to wait that long. This drug sells itself.