Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal Revive- Farewell Issue - Page 54

In southern Oregon and northern California our River Stewards will continue to work with their communities to secure permanent protections from strip mining through federal legislation, like the recently introduced Southwestern Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act. These River Stewards have also been working to secure protections for the clean water flowing through their streams; protections that will keep the rivers clean, full of water for fish and recreation, and prevent the mining companies from polluting these areas.

Right now, River Stewards are working across the Pacific Northwest to protect their homewaters and native fish from habitat degradation, overfishing, harmful hatcheries and dams. We believe that the solution to these challenges facing the Pacific Northwest’s native fish can be found at the confluence of empowered and passionate local communities and the best-available science. Working together we can ensure that the Pacific Northwest continues to be defined by its iconic salmon, steelhead and native trout.