Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal Revive- Farewell Issue - Page 30

Two months earlier we had packed all of our fishing gear and camera equipment, and left our home in eastern Massachusetts looking to experience something real; something that could shock us out of our nine-to-five existence. We’d saved enough money to last us a few months on the road, and tied up our loose ends back home. The only thing left to do was start driving. I know what your thinking, because at this point I’ve seen a hundred comments from our followers on social media: “Must be nice…” they read, “wish I didn’t have any responsibilities other than to fish all day!” The truth is we DO have other responsibilities. We have tens of thousands of dollars of debt, car payments, credit card payments, you name it. But at some point everyone has to, or at least should, draw a line in the sand and ask themselves what’s really important. If you had a way to put some money aside, and spend some time doing what makes you feel alive, wouldn’t you? For some folks that means a weekend away with their kids, hell, maybe even an afternoon, but for us it meant an entire season gallivanting around the west, fishing every day, and toiling on the ground with our hands cut, bruised, and covered grease. “#vanlife” is what people are calling it, but to us it has simply become our life.