Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal Revive- Farewell Issue - Page 2

Where to begin, rather where to end? This magazine started as a cockamamie idea in a local watering hole with my best friends as a way to escape the clutches of impending adulthood, and a temporary relief for our mostly fishing deprived geography. What it ended up becoming was hopefully a temporary reprieve for everyone who read it over the years, and certainly a small showcase in to the talent of some amazingly gifted and gracious individuals who have over the years lent their support, work and love to all of us. I have joked with most of those who have regularly engaged in this little journal that life is insistent upon making me grow up although I have tried to resist for decades now. The best part of engaging in this “hobby” has been the chronicling of all of your adventures, of the adventures of those we wish we could be like, and the planning of the next adventure we may or not be able even to go on. The rivers will always be there for us to take our minds away and cleanse us of whatever it is clinging to our collective souls, they certainly wont miss Revive, and with one less thing on our plate we wont miss them as much any more either.