Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal Revive- Farewell Issue - Page 143

Once the road seemed to split we were soon crossing over Napoleon’s Bridge and ascending to what can only be described as the most magical village in Europe. Dreznica. A life amongst the Julian Alps, in the clouds, drinking dew, and talking with the animals and people lucky enough to dwell here.

The rivers though, they command wonder and their inhabitants do as well both for their elusiveness and their beauty. As the translucent emerald waters rush by in tight canyons and in wide valleys, a ghost of a fish rises occasionally to tempt anglers with their confounding appearance, white, gray, red, and blue all at the same time. Marble trout they are called. A more fitting fish couldn’t exist for this place. Only something that is beautiful and rare should be able to inhabit these waters and that is exactly what they have.

My time in this oasis of beauty and solitude didn’t last long enough, and how could it? Real soul settling peace moments are not all that common and if they were they wouldn’t be quite as special but this place is abounding in them. Everyone has a different perspective about a place but mine couldn’t be any more clear or certain about Slovenia. It is a place where the sky meets the river and the people who are lucky enough to experience it get to swim in its glory.