Revive - A Quarterly Fly Fishing Journal Revive- Farewell Issue - Page 125

What is your favorite destination fishing location?

So far my favorite fishing destinations have been the Brazilian Amazon for peacock bass, and Beaver Island, MI, for monster smallies. Both have been incredible places that have been truly remarkable fishing.

What is your favorite part about tattooing?

My favorite part of tattooing is that is a constant challenge. Every tattoo and the person you do it on is a unique experience. It gives me a chance to be super creative, and give people something that they will carry with them forever. It can be a very rewarding job.

What is your preferred subject matter in tattooing?

I honestly really enjoy all styles of tattooing. After 17 years in the business, it's nice to mix things up and do all sorts of things. But if I had to pick my favorite subject matter, I'd say fish, animals, skulls, and flowers.

Do you have a favorite artist / influencer ?

I have many favorite artists. I draw inspiration from other tattooers, painters, and illustrators. So many to name honestly. As far as guys that do fishing art, I really love Paul Puckett, Jorge Martinez, and George Hill. I'm lucky to own multiple paintings from all of them. When it comes to illustrators, I'm a huge fan of Basil Wolverton, Robert Crumb, and Greg Irons. I also pull a lot of inspiration from all the Grateful Dead art. They always had the best art and imagery. As far as tattooing goes, I've always looked to Ed Hardy and Mike Malone, and all the art that they did to pave the way for tattooing.

Whats your favorite species on the fly ?

If I had to pick one species on the fly to call my favorite, it would have to be The Smallmouth Bass. They have my heart. I truly love peacock bass and redfish as well. I love big fish that fight hard!