Remember Kodak? Before digital photography, Kodak owned 80% of its market, with over 22,000 patents in photography and film industry. They were ‘the’ giant in the that arena. No one could touch them or even come close. When digital photography became available to consumers in 1986, Kodak knew it was coming but didn’t do anything. Big mistake, not putting on their innovative hats. Looking at the graph here, after 128, they filed for bankruptcy. This story is a common one and not just for large organizations. Even if you have a small bakery with the best cookie recipe. You won’t last if you don’t keep your eyes open for innovations and have a system to implement them. We must embrace the fact that “Change is the only constant in our lives.” And have a process in place to make a change.

Efficient means using the least amount of resources to produce your product or service (i.e., time, money, employees, raw materials etc.). Effective means, “did we reach the goal.” (i.e., produce a product or service that customers want etc.). Employees do it all the time unknowingly. Their goals may be to do more work, enjoy their work more, or finish in a reasonable amount of time. But what if the quality suffers? Or they are being less than honest with a customer because they have a quota to fill? The trick is to ensure that their goals align with the organizational goals. Or their innovation could hurt the organization. You don’t always need to “reinvent the wheel”. Be aware of Innovations in the environment and have a process to incorporate them into your organization.

No matter how great the invention, if we don’t have a use for it, it won’t last. “Post it” Notes, for example. Although Dr. Spencer Silver invented this wonderful low tack glue in 1968, it never took off because 3M never found a significant use for it in which customers were interested. It wasn't until Art Fry started using them to keep track in his Hymnbook that it finally found a use and took off in the marketplace.

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