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Malala Yousafzai Nobel Peace Price 2014 BIOGRAPHY Malala yousafzai was born on july 1997 in the swat d i s t r i c o f p a k i s t a n’s n o r t h we s t e r n k hy b e rpakhtunkhwa. She’s a pakistani student activist and pakistani b l o g g e r. S h e ’ s k n o w n mainly for human rights advocacy, for education and for women in her native swat vailley in the kpk province of northwest pakistan MISSION She   began   her   mission   of   promoting   the   human   rights   for   education   and   for   womens   when   the   swat   valley   was   occupied   by   the   taliban’s  and  they  forbade  the  girls  go  to  school.   under   talibans   regimen,   she   began   writing   a   blog   under   the   pseoudonym   of   ghul   makai.     In   that   blog   she   described   the   situation   of   her   life   under   the   taliban’s   regimen,   her   attempt   to   control   the   valley   and   her   point   of   view   about   the  promotion  of  the  education  for  women.   She   also   began   to   go   door   to   door   to   encourage  girls  to  continue  attending  the  school.   after   that,   the   journalist   adam   b.   ellik   made   a   new   tork   times   documentary   about   her   life   as   the   pakistani   military   intervened   in   the   region.   after   that,   she   gave   interviews   on   print   and   television   and   she     was   nominated   for   the   international   children’s   peace   prize   by   south   african  activist  Desmond  Tutu.