Revista Calasancio 2014-2015 - Page 57

English Page Secondary Compulsory Education Saint Valentine It has become a tradition in our school! Every year students are looking forward to writing their love letters for this day. This year the students designed hearts with a love message inside. Some of these hearts were exhibited in the corridors and a selection of them was in the hall of the school. Saint Patrick We talked about this festivity celebrated in Ireland and The United States. Students learned about its history and traditions like as wearing green on that day. Storytelling Our students enjoy visiting little children and telling them stories. Pupils from 3 rd grade prepared the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and explained it to the children. They also used flashcards which the students to identify the vocabulary. We all had a great experience sharing this time with the little ones. THE BIG CHALLENGE The Big Challenge is a competition which started in France in 1999. It´s for all ESO students who are studying English as a foreign language. As the contest was a great success , in 2005 it was organized in Germany, in 2007 in Spain, in 2012 in Austria and in 2013 in Sweden. Nowadays , more than 600,000 students participate in the competition. Our students have done this exam for many years. Before the exam they practice with the abalar laptops on the Big Challenge page. The results are always quite good. They enjoy doing the test and receiving the certificate and the rest of the prizes. This is a way of encouraging our students to improve their skills in the English Language.