Revista Calasancio 2014-2015 - Page 55

English Page EarlyChildhoodEducation Most of us know that the best way is to learn English naturally. That’s why we always try to let English involve all aspects of the school life. Here a brief summary of all this year in the earliest stages of learning. This course pupils from 3 to 5 years old were working the four seasons with a wonderfulstory called “The tiny seed”, written by Eric Carle, which is about the four seasons and the life cycle of all plants, as one tiny seed grows into an enormous sunflower, which then produces more seeds in its turn. To put into practice what they had learnt they planted some seeds in small pots and watched them grow every day. Besides, we also have seen the Life Cycle of a Butterfly. A student brought to the school real caterpillars that after ate green leaves and slept for three days, turned into butterflies and laid eggs on the leaves.