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Volume 23 • Issue 02 • 2019 The Livestock Health and Production Review is published Bi-monthly by Vetlink Copyright reserved. Expressions of opinion, claims and statement of supposed facts do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or publisher. While every effort is made to report accurately, the publisher or the editor does not accept any liability with regard to any statement, advertisement, fact or recommendation made in this magazine. Editor Mark Chimes CONTENT Enzootic Abortion of Small Ruminants 04 Ruralvet - in the real world: Corynebactaerium Name Confusion 11 Peculiarities of Foot and Mouth Disease in Southern Africa and Resulting Implications Ruralvet - in the real world: Tick-borne Protozoan and Rickettsial Disease of Sheep and Goats in South Africa This issue focuses on diseases of sheep. If anything, the articles in this issue once again emphasise that all disease outbreaks and production issues have to be approached on a herd basis. Herd health hinges on 4 primary areas that need to be addressed, namely – Nutrition, Biosecurity, Herd immunity and Management. The Star System discussed by Dr Dave Midgley emphasises once again that the system is only as good as the nutritional status of the animals and the level of management on the farm. “Fertility” can be improved through husbandry management and good nutrition only. Dr Gavin Thompson’s article on FMD re-iterates the importance of biosecurity to prevent the spread of the disease outside the controlled areas. Patron Danie Odendaal Publisher and Owner: Vetlink Publications The Editor, PO Box 232, GROENKLOOF, 0027 Tel: (012) 346 1590, 0825756479 Fax: 086 671 9907 23 EDITOR’s Note Heinrich van Rijn Send them to: 21 A Tribute to Veterinary Pioneers: Elia Marius van Tonder Layout and design letters for publication. 16 Sub-clinical Coccidiosis: the Silent Profit Eater Madaleen Schultheiss contributions, topic suggestions and 12 Revisiting the Star Sheep Production System Production and advertising We welcome any comments, 08 Prof. Prozesky also mentions biosecurity and herd immunity in preventing Enzootic Abortion from being introduced and spread on the farm. It appears that protozoal and rickettsial diseases in sheep are precipitated by stress, which in turn is caused primarily through management and nutritional issues. Abscesses in sheep can be controlled through improving herd immunity by vaccination and biosecurity by preventing cross infection. Therefor, the biggest gains in disease prevention and increased production can be obtained by focusing on these 4 areas in the initial stages of a herd health program. Only once these basic areas have been addressed properly should one start to work on the finer detail of a herd health program. Enjoy the reading Warm regards Mark Chimes 3