Review/Oorsig Volume 23, Issue 01 - Page 6

Oorsig/Review Potential effects and interactions of oxidative stress and trace minerals on semen quality of bulls Dr GM Ferreria (BVSc. M.Med Vet Bov) Introduction. Cattle farmers put considerable effort into managing the cow herd's nutrition, but the bulls may not receive as much attention, especially during the off-season. Male fertility is an important factor in bovine reproduction as a single bull is generally used to breed several cows. body maintain normal physiological function and carry out various enzyme reactions and metabolic processes. Trace minerals are required Trace Minerals The reproductive performance of cattle may be influenced by several factors, but mineral imbalances are crucial in terms of direct effects on reproduction. Correcting an imbalance in mineral levels can improve reproductive performance with little additional cost. Trace minerals are inorganic compounds that are needed in small amounts by the body, they do not provide calories and therefor do not supply the body with energy, but they help the 6 Diagrammatic indication of antagonistic reactions in the digestive tract of ruminants.