Review/Oorsig Volume 23, Issue 01 - Page 25

Volume 23 • Issue 01 • 2019 such as lead, arsenic, and others. Prof Ivan Horak and co-workers did a controlled experiment to test the efficacy of diatomite on ectoparasites, but they came to the conclusion that clean water was probably more beneficial....... RL – 29 Jun 2017 Having read some of the answers, would it not be beneficial to rather sell them poor man's lucerne mixed into the feed? We have farmers that mill the dried lucerne and mix it into their rations for sheep. At least there is some evidence that this works against worms... JvR - 27 Jun 2017 Diatomacous earth has a lot of nutritional benefits. That is as far as I am prepared to go. JvR – 29 Jun 2017 I have observed many game species at times eat plants that are normally considered unpalatable for example high tannin content (wattle trees) aloe and even tulip which is toxic. GB – 7 Jul 2017 Two years ago we had a workshop, "What Works With Worms" under SAVA auspices and including a number of internationally respected parasitologists like Jim Miller of Louisiana SU, who reviewed the available literature on DE for its effects on internal parasites. His conclusion was the same as that of Joop, at best its effect is very little, far below what is required for our registration. A local investigation conducted by Faffa Malan, Jan van Wyk and me many years ago yielded the same conclusion. Whatever its virtues, worm control is not one of them. Maybe its a case of " it does not work, but it soothes the conscience "? List of Contributors AO - Adriaan Olivier CvD – Chris van Dijk CvdW - Cindy van der Westhuizen FM – Faffa Malan GB - Gareth Bath JB - Joop Boomker JM - Jan Myburgh JvR – Johan van Rooyen ML - Mike Lowry NN - Neil Nixon RL - Rhoda Leask RM - Rick Mapham SM - Stuart McKernan TC – Tod Collins TS – Tom Strydom 25