Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 05 - Page 9

CPD AC/2013/18 SMS code: a33133 1. The presence of clear translucent fluid within the body cavities of an aborted fetus or stillborn would indicate that in utero mortality occurred 6. Which of the following infectious agents have not been associated with multifocal hepatic necrosis of the bovine fetus? a. Bovine herpesvirus. b. Bovine viral diarrhoea. c. Rift Valley fever. d. Listeria. e. Salmonella. a. Within 48 hours prior to examination. b. At least 72 hours earlier. c. At least 4 days earlier. d. At least 5 days earlier. e. At least 6 days earlier. 2. Which of the following lesions would not be considered an indicator lesion of fetal heart failure? 7. When collecting tissues into 10% buffered formalin for histopathology, of which of the following tissues should extra material be collected into formalin for mineral analysis? a. Hydrothorax. b. Hydropericardium. c. Pale streaking of the myocardium. d. Peri renal hemorrhage. e. Hepatic cyanotic induration. a. Heart. b. Kidney. c. Spleen. d. Placenta. e. Liver. 3. Which of the following conditions has been associated with thymic gland hypertrophy in neonatal calves? 8. Which of the following fresh tissue samples would not be considered suitable for microbiological culture for abortion investigation? a. Zinc deficiency. b. Exposure of the dam to environmental contaminants. c. Multiple vaccinations of the dam. d. Mycotoxins. e. Bovine viral diarrhea. a. Kidney. b. Placenta. c. Abomasal fluid. d. Liver. e. Lung. 4. What is the target thyroid weight to body weight ratio of an aborted/stillborn bovine fetus? 9. Preservation of liver tissue in formalin for a month significantly reduces the level of which of the following trace elements? a. Greater than 0.04%. b. Between 0.04% and 0.05% c. Greater than 0.03%. d. Less than 0.03%. e. Between 0.05% and 0.06%. a. Selenium. b. Copper. c. Zinc. d. Cobalt. e. Manganese. 5. Which of the following plants are associated with thyroid goiter in neonatal ruminants? 10. Which of the following fetal tissue samples are best suited for Tritrichomonas foetus PCR analysis? a. Oxalate containing plants. b. Prussic acid containing plants. c. Cardiac glycoside containing plants. d. Nitrate containing plants. e. Endophyte containing plants. Do you want to complete your CPD on the traditional webplatform or SMS system? Use the following codes for sms or follow the link from Some of the latest articles from Vetlink a. Spleen. b. Lymph node. c. Abomasal fluid. d. Brain. e. Liver. • • Abortion and Stillbirth Investigation - Part 02 AC/1969/18 | SMS code = a82563 Abortion and Stillbirth Investigation - Part 01 AC/1943/18 | SMS code = a38356