Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 05 - Page 19

Volume 22 • Issue 05 • 2018 Ruralvet - IN The real world Enzootic Bovine Leucosis Compiled by Mark Chimes BVSc Ruralvet is a closed informal internet discussion forum for ruminant veterinarians in Southern Africa. Membership is controlled very strictly. No advertising or promotion of products is allowed on the forum. The purpose of this column is to scour Ruralvets and address a topic of conversation in every issue. There is a lot of very valuable practical information being posted on Ruralvets but it is not available in a manner that is easy to access. The comments are arranged under specific headings so that relevant information is grouped together. I have also taken the liberty to correct grammatical errors (typos) and translate any Afrikaans comments into English. Also, certain paragraphs in the comments that are not relevant or superfluous to this subject have been omitted. The information is from an informal discussion forum and is not necessarily backed up by research. Editor If you are a veterinarian dealing with ruminants and is not a member of Ruralvet, please join the forum by sending a request to the moderator at . Membership is free. Editor INTRODUCTION FM - 4 Dec 2013 As you will see from the disease reporting, EBL is reported every month. TC - 29 Jan 2015 EBL (Enzootic Bovine Leukosis)? BLV (Bovine Leukemia Virus)? Is this another taxonomical red herring that we old (and quite a few young) practitioners are becoming mildly confused about? Whatever its name, we sure as nuts are never going to eradicate EBL/BLV with our current dairy industry ‘climate’ with all its ramifications, the way European countries with their small herds and huge state subsidies have been able to. The surest way to curb or eliminate this disease in our opinion will be the development of an effective vaccine (that’s a can of worms) with an intense buy-in by all rôle players including an über-alles powerful state arm. However, despite some good publicity of this disease in the lay press (Jan du Preez gave some fine articles in Dairy Mail) few dairy farmers pay it much attention other than saying ”Jislaaik!” at a post mortem full of leucosis tumours. DH 29 - Jan 2015 BLV and EBL are like HIV and AIDS, one is the cause, the other the effect. I agree with your sentiment about our ability to get rid of it DEVELOPMENT OF EBL IN SOUTH AFRICA TS - 20 Aug 2002 It seems that bovine leucosis is going the same route as BVD i.e. in the not-too-distant future there won't be a dairy farm without it. Does anyone out there think that, given the disease’s epidemiology, it is worth trying to eliminate the disease from a farm which is 40% positive on the screening test? Elisas were only done on a random selection of 50 animals. AF - 29 Aug 2002 I found the Leucosis discussion very interesting. I have seen 2 Friesland herds where cows (3 in one herd and 2 in the other) died peracutely and in all cases when we post-mortemed the cows they had huge spleens (about 3' long) and had probably banged their side on the way out of the milking 19