Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 05 - Page 10

Oorsig/Review Elephant skin disease in a Bull Dr Rick Last - BVSc; M.Med.Vet (Pathology) Specialist Veterinary Pathologist Image provided by Bergbos Dierekliniek Besnoitiosis (Besnoitia besnoiti) is a common condition of cattle in Southern Africa as well as being reported in equids (horses, mules, donkeys, zebra - Besnoitia bennetti) and goats. Three forms of the disease are described namely severe, mild and inapparent. Cervine besnoitiosis (Besnoitia tarandi) has been described in reindeer and caribou. The severe form of the disease is characterized by fever, anasarca, as well as orchitis in bulls with / without permanent infertility, drop in milk production and mortality. This is followed by the chronic stage which presents with scleroderma, alopecia and hyperkeratosis (elephant skin disease). Mortality rate is usually low with the clinical significance being due to infertility in bulls (orchitis) and downgrading / condemnation of carcasses at abattoirs. 10 Image provided by Bergbos Dierekliniek