Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 04 - Page 5

Volume 22 • Issue 04 • 2018 Abortion and Stillbirth Investigation Maximizing the use of the Fetus and Placenta PART 02 EXTERNAL EXAMINATION OF THE PLACENTA AND MORPHOMETRIC MEASUREMENTS Dr Rick Last - BVSc; M.Med.Vet (Pathology) Specialist Veterinary Pathologist procedures (figure 2). Determine if the placenta is complete or incomplete. If incomplete, then re-examination of Figure 1 – soiled placenta Figure 3 – normal bovine placenta Figure 2 – washed placenta External examination of the placenta. The 1st step is to wash off any soiling of the placenta to allow close inspection before any samples are collected (figure 1). Many placentas are heavily soiled and collecting your material for microbiology and histopathology directly without washing off the adhered plant material etc. can certainly interfere with these diagnostic Figure 4 – small cotyledons the cow for retained placenta would be indicated. • Placental weight and cotyledon numbers in the bovine (figure 3) are closel y related 5