Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 04 - Page 31

Volume 22 • Issue 04 • 2018 Organism E. Coli Salmonella Corona Virus Rotavirus Eimeria spp. Cryptosporidium Giardia spp. Age of Diarrhoea First 3 days Day 5 – 14 Day 3 – 7 Day 3 – 7 Day 7 – 4 to 6 months Day 5 – 7 Day 14 – 21 As mentioned, the vaccination of young calves, in the presence of maternal antibody, is ineffective. Vic Cortese cautioned us though to, if possible, avoid vaccinating between 3 & 5 weeks of age when the innate immune system is turning on. Feeding milk once a day is an accepted practice, but twice a day would be standard. Here are two useful websites: Ontario Veal Association – Dr. Jim Quigley – WG - 15 Jan 2017 The only drug which has any effect on Crypto is Halofuginone (Halocur) but it only reduces oocyst shedding and does not treat or prevent disease - I have never actually used it as it is quite expensive and requires 7 days of treatment so is not very convenient to use. It is also not available in SA as far as I know. The most important aspect of treatment, as for all cases of calf diarrhoea, is rehydration. Milk feeding should be continued, especially for crypto as it often takes longer than the viral causes to resolve. The role of antibiotics in calf diarrhoea in general is controversial but they should be kept to a minimum as E.coli will rapidly develop resistance if they are overused - I have cultured multi-resistant E.coli (including fluoroquinolones and colistin!) from a farm which was injecting every case of diarrhoea with Potencil. EdP - 25 Nov 2017 I would like some thoughts on the use of Halocur. If we treat the ewes or cows it will help to lessen the losses. But what happens if the mothers do not develop immunity Won’t we just postpone the problems? CvD - 27 Aug 2018 Something which could become reality in future New tool for fighting crypto in calv W2F'W&@vVV@F2F'76B7'F7&FV'gV2'gVҒ2&6F2&FB&'6W6Rb66W'2vFfW"FW"66W6W0b66W'2&GV6W'2gFV6FW7Fr666fW2BG'FvRFR7F2VFP&W6V&67GVFW2fR6vFBWF W&6VBb6fW2VvW"FfW"F2FW7@6FfRf"2'gVB&R6VFFrFR2'gV&v6vF"vFWB6Ɩ66v0bF6V6RB2fVB6bֆW6r77FV0B&Vv22'gV2G&6֗GFV@F&VvvW7Fb77G2"&FVvw2इWF6W2vFW"BfVVB7WƖW26&R6'&W'0b2'gV77G2vrFRF6V6RF7&VBvFW&G2&W6V&6W'2fRG&VBFfB7W&W2f"2'gV'WB7BG&VFVG2ǐf7W6VBR7FvRbFRF6V6R$FR7B&W6V&6W'2f7W6VB6VǒFR77Bv62FRVBfV7FW27FvRb&F2ƖR2'gV"62&vVFW"&W6FVBb&vVFV6vW22FW2W2v$77G0&R6VB'FRFV"fV6W26FWG&V@W6r77G22FvVFRf66W2'W@FBFFwBv&2'gV2ƖfR76P7FvW26f7W6rR7FvR27Vff6VB Bw2BW7BFR6fW2FB&RFvW"g&Ф2'gVB26F&VBFV2FP6VFW'2f"F6V6R6G&B&WfVF62$7'F7&FV2&V6R&V6v旦VB0RbFR7B66W6W2bvFW&&&PF6V6R&V7&VFvFW"BG&涖rvFW"V2FRVFVB7FFW2FR&6FR0fVBWfW'&VvbFRVFVB7FFW2@F&VvWBFRv&B %FR&W7BFVfV6Rv7BF2F6V6R2F&WfVBFR77B"62vVFW"v2&VVv&rf66Rf"2'gVf"66RFV'2%FBw2vBvWG2FvFW'6VG2@fV7G2V266R&V6BFW"fG&F77FV2FBv&v7B2'gVB0F&R6G&VBBFR6W&6R"Wr66VFf0'&VF&Vv26VBFvfR&GV6W'26G&bF2W'67FVB&6FR6֖"FFRfPf66RvVFW"2FWfVVBBFVFVB&6W72FvVW&FRVB2'gV&FV2WfW'7FvRbG2ƖfR76RFRVB2'gVЧ&FV2&RFVƗfW&VBƗVBf&FB6&R֗VBvF֖Ʋ&W6W"BfVBF6fW2गBw2FR6b'GVGF&GV6RখVR&W76RvFWB&VrGF6VB'FP&6FRFVvVFR&6FR2&W6VBFP6bv&R&VBFfvBB6&GV6W'2v&R&RF&WfVB2'gVЦGV6VB66W'2&FW"FW7B&V7BFFP7F2&WfVFrFR7&VBbF2vǐfV7FW2F6V6RvBǒV6fW27FVFB7G&r'WBFRV2&VBFVЧF3