Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 04 - Page 30

Oorsig/Review Marketed as Oxyfect 8005 – Use one 4g tablet in a 10L spraycan to disinfect calf pens. TREATMENT - QUO VADIS? RM - 19 June 2012 Neil, remember that rota depends on local gut protection, therefore you need long term colostrum to protect. Pfizer has an oral vaccine, maybe you can speak to them about importing? BL- 14 Nov 2012 This owner has most drugs in the book in his pharmacy thanks to wholesalers in city and is prone to overdo it rather than underdo it- which brings me to the other point: I think you are right about the overuse of antibiotics on this farm and I probably didn't help either with amoxy iv and lincospectin. What is the best/preferred Kaolin and Pectin product to use and should I rather use a totally different approach with this client i.e.: If first note diarrhoea, step one dose kaolin and pectin, probiotics and activated charcoal and fresh faecal sample to state vet lab or me for smear and float if older animal, if not better within a day or 2 and patient depressed then try antibiotic?! Which one?! Or what approach would you suggest to support these cases and prevent a vicious cycle of antibiotic usage? Anyone had much success with Rehydagion ? Quite pricey. AO - 16 Nov 2012 Just some comments on the treatment options. What I have seen is that over emphasis is placed on diarrhoea as an infectious aetiology and taking out the big guns (antibiotics). It is true that we can learn a lot from these rural vet discussions on how to approach cases and the outcomes as this is what limits us in overusing antibiotics to treat cases. With the ostrich chicks I deal with I have a life-stage and most common cause or aetiology associated with that live stage. Our first approach to any diarrhoea is pro and pre-biotics with manipulation of the intestinal environment (acidification). This is after getting a history and having a look at the diarrhoea results. This usually gives you a result within 24 hours. If the chicks show any signs of reduced feed intake, pm lesions of enteritis, diarrhoea which is black or gray we treat intensively (by this I mean no water application, each chick is caught and treated with the correct dose). 9/10 times the result is what you expect and what you want. However the small pharmacy cases (despite their Rx diarrhoea persists) I just maintain on the pre and pro biotics, binders and the intestinal environment manipulation just to keep them alive and pull through on age. From experience I know any other interventions with regards to antibiotics is a lost cause (my image, farmers pocket and wellbeing and animal health). JW - 19 Nov 2012 There are 2 things I have seen from human medicine which I think we can keep in mind. Antibiotics is not necessary in most cases, and may in fact delay recovery, even for bacterial causes. Evidence of systemic infection is one of the reasons antimicrobial therapy will be instituted. Mother's milk. The recommendation that mothers with HIV should give their babies mother's milk only up to six months old (even if it is from the HIV infected mother) is based on evidence that point towards babies being more likely to get infected with HIV if they ingest food other than mother's milk due to damage caused to the intestinal tract. (Sorry for the ostriches.) We can possibly also learn from small animal clinicians in this regard. docs/guidelines/2012/fooddisease.pdf 5 . Treatment of Foodborne Diseases Treatment of patients with foodborne diseases is mainly supportive, since most foodborne gastrointestinal diseases are self-limiting. Administration of adequate fluids to replace fluid lost as a result of diarrhoea and vomiting is the mainstay of treatment. Oral rehydration is usually adequate, however intravenous rehydration is necessary in severely dehydrated individuals or in patients who cannot retain oral fluids. Antibiotics may be necessary in selected patients as outlined in table 2. Selection of appropriate antimicrobial agents depends on laboratory identification of the responsible pathogen. Commencement of empirical antimicrobial therapy may be instituted based on clinical signs and symptoms by the attending physician while waiting for confirmation of the causative organisms. Treatment should be reviewed following laboratory results MvdL - 14 Feb 2014 One can make a preliminary diagnosis based on the age affected: 30 Oorsig/Review Marketed as Oxyfect 8005 – Use one 4g tablet in a 10L spraycan to disinfect calf pens. TREATMENT - QUO VADIS? 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