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Oorsig / Review
Marketed as Oxyfect 8005 – Use one 4g tablet in a 10L spraycan to disinfect calf pens .
RM - 19 June 2012
Neil , remember that rota depends on local gut protection , therefore you need long term colostrum to protect . Pfizer has an oral vaccine , maybe you can speak to them about importing ?
BL- 14 Nov 2012
This owner has most drugs in the book in his pharmacy thanks to wholesalers in city and is prone to overdo it rather than underdo it- which brings me to the other point : I think you are right about the overuse of antibiotics on this farm and I probably didn ' t help either with amoxy iv and lincospectin . What is the best / preferred Kaolin and Pectin product to use and should I rather use a totally different approach with this client i . e .: If first note diarrhoea , step one dose kaolin and pectin , probiotics and activated charcoal and fresh faecal sample to state vet lab or me for smear and float if older animal , if not better within a day or 2 and patient depressed then try antibiotic ?! Which one ?! Or what approach would you suggest to support these cases and prevent a vicious cycle of antibiotic usage ? Anyone had much success with Rehydagion ? Quite pricey .
AO - 16 Nov 2012
Just some comments on the treatment options . What I have seen is that over emphasis is placed on diarrhoea as an infectious aetiology and taking out the big guns ( antibiotics ). It is true that we can learn a lot from these rural vet discussions on how to approach cases and the outcomes as this is what limits us in overusing antibiotics to treat cases . With the ostrich chicks I deal with I have a life-stage and most common cause or aetiology associated with that live stage . Our first approach to any diarrhoea is pro and pre-biotics with manipulation of the intestinal environment ( acidification ). This is after getting a history and having a look at the diarrhoea results . This usually gives you a result within 24 hours . If the chicks show any signs of reduced feed intake , pm lesions of enteritis , diarrhoea which is black or gray we treat intensively ( by this I mean no water application , each chick is caught and treated with the correct dose ). 9 / 10 times the result is what you expect and what you want . However the small pharmacy cases ( despite their Rx diarrhoea persists ) I just maintain on the pre and pro biotics , binders and the intestinal environment manipulation just to keep them alive and pull through on age . From experience I know any other interventions with regards to antibiotics is a lost cause ( my image , farmers pocket and wellbeing and animal health ).
JW - 19 Nov 2012
There are 2 things I have seen from human medicine which I think we can keep in mind . Antibiotics is not necessary in most cases , and may in fact delay recovery , even for bacterial causes . Evidence of systemic infection is one of the reasons antimicrobial therapy will be instituted . Mother ' s milk . The recommendation that mothers with HIV should give their babies mother ' s milk only up to six months old ( even if it is from the HIV infected mother ) is based on evidence that point towards babies being more likely to get infected with HIV if they ingest food other than mother ' s milk due to damage caused to the intestinal tract . ( Sorry for the ostriches .)
We can possibly also learn from small animal clinicians in this regard . http :// www . doh . gov . za / docs / guidelines / 2012 / fooddisease . pdf
5 . Treatment of Foodborne Diseases
Treatment of patients with foodborne diseases is mainly supportive , since most foodborne gastrointestinal diseases are self-limiting . Administration of adequate fluids to replace fluid lost as a result of diarrhoea and vomiting is the mainstay of treatment . Oral rehydration is usually adequate , however intravenous rehydration is necessary in severely dehydrated individuals or in patients who cannot retain oral fluids . Antibiotics may be necessary in selected patients as outlined in table 2 . Selection of appropriate antimicrobial agents depends on laboratory identification of the responsible pathogen .
Commencement of empirical antimicrobial therapy may be instituted based on clinical signs and symptoms by the attending physician while waiting for confirmation of the causative organisms . Treatment should be reviewed following laboratory results
MvdL - 14 Feb 2014
One can make a preliminary diagnosis based on the age affected :
Oorsig/Review Marketed as Oxyfect 8005 – Use one 4g tablet in a 10L spraycan to disinfect calf pens. TREATMENT - QUO VADIS? RM - 19 June 2012 Neil, remember that rota depends on local gut protection, therefore you need long term col [HX ^\\[ܘ[X[KX^XH[H[XZ[HX][\ܝ[ H M݈ L\ۙ\\[Y[H[\œ\XXH[\[\[]H[\œۙHݙ\]]\[[\] HX[YHH\[H[[H\HYX]Hݙ\\Hو[X[Xۈ\\H[HؘXHY[Z]\][[H][[X[]\H\ Y\Y[[[X[X\H[[H]\\HH[HY\[\X]\Y[KKY\HX\XK\ۙHH[[[X[ؚ[X[X]]Y\[[\YX[[\H]H]X܈YB܈YX\[]Y\[[X[ Y]\][H^H܈ []Y[\\Y[B[X[XHXۙOH܈]\X[[HY\\ܝ\H\\[][HX[\XHو[X[X\YO[[ۙHY]XX\]ZYY[ۈ]Z]HX^KS H M݈ L\YH[Y[ۈHX]Y[[ۜ˂]H]HY[\]ݙ\[\\\\XYۈX\XH\[[X[\Y][H[Z[›]HY[ [X[XK]\YH]B[X\HH\H\[]\\[ۜ›ۈ\X\\[H]Y\\\\][Z]\[ݙ\\[[X[XX]\\ˈ]HXXHX[]H]HHYK\YH[[[[ۈ]\H܂Y][H\X]Y]]]HYK\\\X[HX\XH\[KX[X]X[\[][ۈوH[\[[[\ۛY[XYYX][ۊK\\Y\][H\ܞB[][H]HX\XH\[ˈ\\X[H]\[HH\[][ \ˈYBX[HYۜوYXYYY[ZKB\[ۜو[\]\X\XHX\X܂ܘ^HHX][[][H H\HYX[]\\X][ۋXXX\]Y[X]Y]HܜXJKKL[Y\H\[\][H^X[][H[ ]\BX[\XXH\\ \]HZ\X\XB\\HH\XZ[Z[ۈHH[˜[X[\[H[\[[[\ۛY[X[\[][ۈ\Y\[H[]H[[YۈYKH^\Y[HHۛ[B\[\[[ۜ]Y\[X[Xš\H]\H ^H[XYK\Y\][[Z[[[[X[X[ K H NH݈ L\H\H [H]HY[H[X[YYX[HXH[H[Y\[Z[ [X[X\X\\H[[\\[X^H[X[^HXݙ\K][܈X\X[]\\ˈ]Y[Hو\[ZX[X[ۈ\ۙBوHX\ۜ[[ZXܛؚX[\\H[B[]]Y [\Z[ˈHX[Y[][ۈ][\]U[]HZ\XY\[\Z[›ۛH\^[۝ ][Y]\HHU[XY[\H\\Yۈ]Y[H][\XY\Z[[ܙHZ[H][XY]UY^H[\\[[\›Z[YH[XYH]\YH[\[[X ܜH܈HX\ˊBH[XH[X\HX[[[X[[XX[[\Y\ ˙ ݋K™ZY[[\̌ Lٛ\X\KH X]Y[وܛH\X\\•X]Y[و]Y[]ܛH\X\\š\XZ[H\ܝ]K[H[ܛB\[\[[\X\\\H[[[Z][˂YZ[\][ۈوY\]X]H; ZY\XH; ZY\H\[وX\XH[Z][\BXZ[^HوX]Y[ ܘ[ZY][ۈ\\X[BY\]X]K]\[][\ZY][ۈ\›X\\H[]\[HZY]Y[]YX[܈[]Y[[]Z[ܘ[; ZYˈ[X[X›X^HHX\\H[[XY]Y[\][Y[XH [X[ۈو\X]H[[ZXܛؚX[Y[\[ۈXܘ]ܞHY[{ X][ۈقH\ۜXH][[Y[[Y[و[\\X[[[ZXܛؚX[\\HX^HH[]]Y\Yۈ[X[Yۜ[[\\HH][[\XX[[HZ][܈ۻ \X][ۈوH]\]]Bܙ[\\ˈX]Y[[H]Y]Y[Xܘ]ܞH\[“] H MX MۙH[XZHH[[Z[\HXYۛ\\YۂHYHYXY