Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 04 - Page 23

Volume 22 • Issue 04 • 2018 problems? HB-C 9 Mar 2017 In the last number of weeks, we had several outbreaks in our area (Free State Highveld). Crypto was confirmed with the Witness Bovid 5 test from Zoetis. This last outbreak is really causing trouble for one of my high producing dairy farmers. He had an outbreak two weeks ago, treated with Norotrim, Buscopan and Diakur powder in their milk.(2 litres of milk twice a day, and then 2 litre of water with Rehydion gel over lunch time). All of the calves were fine and the diarrhoea stopped after 5 days of supportive treatment. The younger group of calves (10- 21 days old) started with a diarrhoea over the weekend. Also tested positive for Crypto. I did a PM on a calf that died over the weekend, found slightly reddish small intestine, gas filled, and ulcer (2x2cm) in the cecum (ulcer was visible on the outside of the cecum, but was slightly bigger on the inside of the intestine). This specific calf was only two weeks old. I visited the farm today, several calves had profuse, watery, yellowish diarrhoea. Most of them are well hydrated, but some of them deteriorate to the point where they would actually need a drip. Even the severely dehydrated ones keep on drinking their milk/water when given. I could not get a faecal sample from a sick calf that was not treated with antibiotics yet. I am thinking that crypto might &R6V6F'dRV#pG&6FVBg&g"( 2VBfVW&7FVBFRfvrאf6R&vRBF&R66f"V&ǒ2V'2rFBB27'F7&FVЦƖrג6fW2G"g&Fǒv2'FV@'4FRfVVB6璒BR6f&V@BR2&VVגf&2FW2BFBvv&2F'B7W"B2PVr6WFf"&F֖7G&FVpgVvR7FFRVVW2W6VBCVp6fR&V6VfW2&7W"6RFf"p66V7WFfRF2G"&V62F2&GV7@2W"ǒ6WFfR67&WFRWfFV6R`7'Fגf&g&R2#bG"'FfW'&V&g&F6Vg7G&FvWFW"vFG 6WFRb4BG&VBWfW'FrF'&rFP&GV7BvFWB7V66W72FR7B&VWFgVVF6b2Frw&rFR&pB'FRWfVrB2FVB7F2Fr6WfW&fWG26B2R6ƒ'WBB6( BvB6vRFF'BF2&GV7BG"62FBB2FRǒ&GV7BFBv&2FǒदRVfR7B&RFSRFR7@"V'26vFrvF&FVB'&VFBV7BF66fW&VB7FBFBv&2B#2b#p&&VӢ6fW2vFvFR7F涖rF'&Vv'FƗG&FRWFV6fR&VVb&GV7F77FVffV7FVB6fW2&R&WGvVV"B@vVV2BFv637'F7&FVW6rFPVG&fWBV7G&FW7G26VBBfB77G0fV6fFF7BbFRvVV@&6VGW&W2f"7'F&RǒƖ6&RFF'6fW22FW&RGf6RG&VFV@F2f"&VVb&GV7F77FVFW FVƗGVFGb67G'VӲ&WfV@fW&7&vFs6W&FRffV7FVB6fW3&VGV6P7G&W736W&FRFW"BVvW"6fW2r#R#( ( ( FW6G2bFVB'2F'b&VV`6fW2BrvR'2B6fW266P#2GVRF7'F7&FVBR6ƒV6֖276W2&R'VrFFP֖Ɩ2f&W'2vBF7Ff&֖pvF6GFRB6VWWfVvF6FG&VFVBbFVG&FfBR6RF&F72FW&f&WFvVW0R6ƒf66F2f"FffW&VBf&2WF2WF2WF2vR&RBvrBUDTԔu2#p7G&6W2BFRWFV֖wb7'F2vV2FR7BFvVFW&f6RאWW&V6RFW&VfW"7BVf&V@vFW"B66ƖF26FF2f@7&F2( WF'&V>( &F6W2b7G&6662F2WfVvVFV"VW'2&Vf&RBgFW"FR6R6FRFBBFWfV6v2bF6V6RWF'&V2W"66R&R7G&vǒ766FV@vFvWB7BVf&VBBVP7W&W76B2WG&VVǒFff7VBFvWB&B`7'F7&FV( 26VRBV"gFW"V"WfV6FW2&W7FVBf"F2D22#pG&FW"7G&6662FRg&7'FW"WW&V6RB6VFbWfW"2FR&'6W6Rb6b'FƗGB2&&&ǒ&f7F" VFf7F&7G&RWF'&V2W 66R&R7G&vǒ766FVBvFvWB7@Vf&VBBVR7W&W767B#