Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 04 - Page 22

Oorsig/Review Ruralvet - IN The real world CRYPTOSPORIDIUM Compiled by Mark Chimes BVSc Ruralvet is a closed informal internet discussion forum for ruminant veterinarians in Southern Africa. Membership is controlled very strictly. No advertising or promotion of products is allowed on the forum. The idea of this column is to scour Ruralvets and address a topic of conversation in every issue. There is a wealth of very valuable practical information being posted on Ruralvets but it is not available in a manner that is easy to accesss. This month I have taken the topic of Crypto and searched Ruralvets as far back as 19 June 2012 and collated all the comments and answers. I decided to break up the answers into specific headings so that relevant information is grouped together. I have also taken the liberty to correct grammatical errors (typos) and translate any Afrikaans comments into English. Also, certain paragraphs in the comments that are not relevant or superfluous to this subject have been deleted and some e-mails were broken up so that each part of the e-mail is placed under the appropriate heading. The reason being that some people will answer several questions in one e-mail. Therefor, do not quote the “authors” verbatim from this article since I may have put words in their mouths. Prior to publication the draft copy is sent to all the “authors” mentioned so that they can edit or add to their comments. Editor HISTORY NF - 19 June 2012 We have a problem in the Highveld area of Mpumalanga with diarrhoea in 1-2 month old calves. These are extensive beef animals and Bonsmara mostly affected. Preliminary tests suggest we are dealing with Rota virus infection. All cows are being vaccinated in late pregnancy but as soon as colostral immunity wanes, calves become sick. We would like to confirm our diagnosis during this next calving season with more samples BL - 13 Nov 2012 I have a boergoat kid 1 week old with white- yellow diarrhoea refractory to sulphas that owner has treated with. Faecal float negative, faeces sent for culture. Kid is looking alive again since started dextrose Ringers drip i/v Augmentin and Lincospectin- can I start him on his mom's milk again? He doesn't want electrolytes or water from bottle. In what instances other than floppy kid syndrome do I remove mother's milk? 22 BL - 14 Nov 2012 Unfortunately kid died during night - taken for PM and smears of intestines and histopath as well as culture to state vet - costs owner less than sending it privately. As far as vaccination of dams: Supavax biannually, Corynebact annually, clone 13 annually. As far as exactly how regularly dams are dewormed I don't know. Cryptosporidium, I did not think of but will look for thanks Prof Harmse. This farmer is getting these diarrhoea cases in young and adult goats recently so I hope an answer as to cause will come out of this kid so we can prevent further morbidity and mortalities. All feed troughs have roofs so goats cannot climb in. KR - 13 Jan 2017 One of our clients brought in a friesian calve for post mortem. We diagnosed Cryptosporidium on test strips. Negative for rota, corona, E Coli F 5(K99). Awaiting histopath. Does anybody have experience on Crypto in calves. Does it differ a lot from coccidiosis? Is there known treatment implication for milking herd with Crypto