Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 04 - Page 15

Volume 22 • Issue 04 • 2018 and carbon cycling through 100% grass-fed ruminants, into nutrient-rich, flavoursome, high welfare, ethical meat and milk. Become a carbon-friendly omnivore. Vote with your fork to encourage more farmers to make the switch: support carbon sequestration by only eating meat or drinking milk from animals certified 100% grass-fed. To find such food go to the website of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association, which is the only UK organization to certify meat and dairy as 100% grass-fed. Eat your beef and drink your milk guilt-free. See our Courses page to learn more about grazing cattle for soil health and carbon sequestration as well as productivity, animal and human health. Artwork: with thanks to the amazingly talented Emily Chappell for turning an idea, presented on a flow chart with some captions, into a the beautiful artwork which accompanies this blog. References: 1. 2. Humans breathe out 1kg CO2 per day http:// human-breathing-contribute-climate-change Dr David Johnson - Carbon Underground https:// 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Liquid carbon pathway http://www. LiquidCarbonPathway(July08).pdf Growing a Revolution by David Montgomery Co-evolution of grasslands and herbivores R2ES/LitCited/LPC_2012/Stebbins_1981.pdf Pre-Industrial revolution ruminant numbers rangelands/article/viewFile/11258/10531 Soils absorb methane au/site-archive/rural/nt/content/200908/ s2649444.htm Methane sinks methanesinkatmos.htm GHG increases since the industrial revolution GlobalFire/fire_3.php Natural gas the cause of increased methane methane-spike-2526089909.html Sustainable Food Trust: the True Cost of Food cost-uk-food/ Methane production from grazing livestock (does not include the carbon sequestration) https:// agriculture-carbon-neutral Mob grazed (AMP grazed) cattle sequester more carbon than they emit in GHG equivalent per kg beef article/pii/S0308521X17310338 THE VETERINARY LABORATORY DIAGNOSTIC TEAM AT YOUR SERVICE Dr Maryke Henton - BVSc, M.Med.Vet (Bacteriology) 2 Dr Rick Last - BVSc, M.Med.Vet (Pathology) 1 Dr Samantha Tompkins - BVSc, M.Med.Vet (Pathology) 2 Dr James Hill - BVSc, M.Med.Vet (Clin Pathology) 1 Dr Sandy May - BVSc, M.Med.Vet (Clin Pathology) 3 Dr Johan Vorster - BVSc, M.Med.Vet (Pathology) 1 Vetdiagnostix KZN 1 LABORATORY 257 Boshoff Street Pietermaritzburg Vetdiagnostix Gauteng 2 LABORATORY 96 Poplar Road Blue Hills, Midrand Vetdiagnostix Cape Town 3 LABORATORY 01 Kontiki Way Glen Ive, Bellville Tel: (033) 342 5014/5 (033) 342 6144 082 558 4016 074 137 9132 (Main Lab) 074 162 0559 (Main Lab) 071 563 6947 (Duty Cell) Tel: (021) 910 2243 (021) 910 1413 078 436 2560 (Duty Cell) 15