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Volume 22 • Issue 03 • 2018 The Livestock Health and Production Review is published Bi-monthly by Vetlink Copyright reserved. Expressions of opinion, claims and statement of supposed facts do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or publisher. While every effort is made to report accurately, CONTENT Abortion and Stillbirth Investigation: Maximising the Use of the Fetus and Placenta 04 Field Vasectomy in Rams (Herbst Technique) 11 Part 01: Pathogenesis, Prevention and Treatment of Postpartum Disease 12 Causes and Effects of the Most Common Production Diseases of High Producing Dairy Cows: the publisher or the editor does not accept any liability with regard to any statement, advertisement, fact or recommendation made in this magazine. Part 01 - Causes and Effects on High Producing Dairy Cows Part 02 - Milk Fever or Parturient Paresis Part 03 - Ketosis or Acetonaemia 18 20 25 Editor Mark Chimes Production and advertising Madaleen Schultheiss EDITOR’s Note Since switching to printing full colour editions, the scope and quality of article that we can publish has expanded considerably. To this end we have the first instalment of a colour photo reference article on how to investigate, post mortem and sample abortions and stillbirths in ruminants. This series will act as reference materials for veterinarians in the field as well as students and is based on a course that Dr Rick Last will present to the undergraduate students at Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty. Layout and design Heinrich van Rijn Patron Danie Odendaal Publisher and Owner: Vetlink Publications We welcome any comments, contributions, topic suggestions and letters for publication. Send them to: The Editor, PO Box 232, GROENKLOOF, 0027 Tel: (012) 346 1590, 0825756479 Fax: 086 671 9907 We have also moved with the times to make the articles interactive by including QR codes to video material that we could obviously not publish in a magazine. Just scan the QR code and watch the videos on your smartphone or type the link into your web browser to watch it on your PC. The unseen diseases in dairy cattle account for the greatest erosion of profit on dairy farms. The losses due to these subclinical conditions can go undetected for years. This edition tackles the most common subclinical conditions that have the largest effect on profitability. Most of these diseases are the direct and indirect result of genetic selection for higher production. It is becoming more and more obvious that dairy cows will produce milk at the expense of the body’s homeostasis. This in turn does not always lead to clinically visible symptoms, but frequently manifests in seemingly unrelated production issues such as reduced fertility, post- partum uterine diseases and reduced milk production. Recognising how these conditions are inter-related can assist in finding and addressing the underlying cause. Enjoy our first interactive magazine! Warm regards Mark Chimes In Erratum In the June 2018 issue of The Review we omitted to include the references of the article on “Blood transfusion in the Bovine” by Dr Francois van Niekerk. We wish to aplogise for the ommision. The reference should have read: Soldan, A. In Practice. Vol 32, Nº 10, Nov – Dec 1999 3