Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 03 - Page 10

Oorsig/Review d. Nitrate poisoning. e. Iodine deficiency. e. Negatively impacts on long-term health. a. 3 months. b. 4 months. c. 5 months. d. 6 months. e. 8 months. A. Elongation of the maxilla. B. Doming of the forehead. C. Shortening of the forelimbs. D. Flattening of the face. E. Broadening of the basisphenoid bone. 5. At what gestational age would a bovine fetus be expected to be fully haired? 6. At what gestational age would a small ruminant fetus be expected to have well developed eyelashes? 8. Which of the following would not be considered a gross anatomical indicator \[ۈق[]]\ܛ]\][ۏŽKXوH[ܛ[ܝ[XܛX[]Y\\H[[ۛH\X]Y]][ݙ\^K\XO˜KۙH[۝ [۝˂ˈ [۝˂ [۝˂K H[۝˂ˈXوH[][Y[X][]]\ܛ]\][ۈ\[ܜXKXX[[[˂[[]Y[XXܛX[]Y\˂ˈ[[وHۙYK X][[\Y[XKKYXۚ][HZ[[˂KYX\[ۘ][\][ [\ܘ\H[[YXۈ][BBYܛ ˈ\X[[HYXYXY[HوYYBBX۝\[ۋ Y]][HYXH\][ۈ[YX]B\]X[]KK\[ܘ][ [˂ˈ[\˂ X˂K[[XY[L ][^XX\X]]\\[[ۛB[]XوH[][[\›][ۜ‘[H[\]H[\ۈHY][ۘ[X]ܛH܈T\[O•\HH[\܈\܈H[H˝] ͌ ][˘˞BYHوH]\\X\H]Y]¸(H\]^X[][ۈYZ[Y[[ۘ\۝ܝ\[Y\PNLL NTHHNM͎ H^[][Hܘ^Y]H\X[PN  NTHHLNNLB(B(B(B(B(B(B[ ܘ\[[Y[X[\H[]H‘\]Z[H\\[\[]YXNPN ͋NTHHMLL]HوY\[ۜ\[\[\HX[ۈ[\\][ۈX\]YNPN NTOXM X\]\[]H[X[[Z[[ΈPM MTHHL̍NB[\H[\X\Hو[؛ΈPM KMTHHLNN X[ؘX[\\]][H[X[ۜ[\]Z[\ΈPM MTHHM MBL