Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 02 - Page 24

Oorsig/Review 3. Immune reaction to gut-membrane proteins are mediated through: 9. What is the main advantage of using a vaccination to protect against H.contortus? a. Complement b. Cytokines c. Antibodies d. Chemokines e. T-cells a. Decrease worm numbers in abomasum b. Decrease pasture contamination c. Increase growth rate d. Increase lambing % e. Increase ADG (Average daily gain) 4. Vaccine-induced immunity can be transferred to lambs by: a. Colostrum b. Placenta c. Blood d. Saliva e. None of the above 5. Vaccination with H.contortus antigen will protect against: a. Cooperia oncophora b. Thrichostrongylus axei c. Teladorsagia circumcinta d. Haemonchus placei e. All of the above 6. Primary immunity is induced with: a. 1 vaccination b. 2 vaccinations given at an 6 to 8 week interval c. 5 vaccinations given at 6 to 8 week interval d. 3 vaccinations given at 3 to 4 week interval e. 5 vaccinations given at 3 to 4 week interval 7. What is the critical cut off point of faecal egg counts for initial vaccination to induce primary immunity? 10. For vaccination to ensure better control of roundworms when compared to conventional anthelmintic treatments it should give protection: a. To 90% of the flock with an 80% efficacy b. To 75% of the flock with an 90% efficacy c. To 75% of the flock with an 75% efficacy d. To 80% of the flock with an 80% efficacy e. To 65% of the flock with 65% efficacy FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY BE PART OF THE WIREVAX REVOLUTION Reg.No. G4200 (Act 36/1947) 1 VACCINE AGAINST WIREWORM IN SOUTH AFRICA ST a. 0 b. 100 c. 1000 d. 1500 e. 10000 8. Which production stadia is most vulnerable for H.contortus infection and will mount a poor immune reaction with any vaccination? a. Rams b. Weaners c. Replacement ewes d. Pregnant ewes e. Lambs younger than 6 months 24 Only for use under the supervision of a veterinarian 1 ml FOR MORE INFORMATION: 0860 833 2787 or 012 817 9060 Available pack sizes Wirevax: Reg. No. G4200 (Act 36/1947) Contains: Haemonchus contortus antigen 5 μg/ml Manufacturer: Wormvax Australia Pty Ltd at the Albany Laboratory of the Dept of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia Registration holder: Afrivet Business Management (Pty) Ltd Co/Mpy. Reg. No. 2000/011263/07, PO Box 2009, Faerie Glen, 0043, RSA Web: 250 ml Download our app for more information