Review/Oorsig Volume 22, Issue 02 - Page 15

Volume 22 • Issue 02 • 2018 Practical use of disease recording for the purpose of herd health management Dr Danie Odendaal Veterinarian Network Jan Feb 2016 2016 By recording diseases on a monthly basis the practitioner gets access to a 12 month overview of diseases in the practice area called the “Disease Overview”. This “Disease Overview” is real time and generated for each species of livestock. All that the practitioner needs to do is to log in to the V-Net system (www.v- using his/her username and password. If you are reporting and don’t have a username and password you can obtain it from Frikkie Beukes at cell phone no 0829095996. Internal Parasites Brown stomach-worm Conical Flukes Liver fluke Roundworms in general Tape Worms External Parasites Blue ticks Brown ear-ticks Heartwater (Bont) ticks Mange Mites Nuisance Flies Paralysis ticks Resistant blue Ticks Tick-borne Diseases African red water Anaplasmosis Asiatic red water Heartwater Insect Transmittable Diseases Lumpy skin disease Three-day-stiffsickness A planned herd-health approach focuses on priority diseases as identified with the “Disease Overview” The discussion below gives an example of how this bigger picture of disease occurrence and distribution can be used, to adapt the approach in order to provide planned herd-health services. In this approach, the full extent of veterinary knowledge, experience and services are used to maintain or improve the production potential of a dairy farm. An actual overview for a practice in KZN (Estcourt Vet Clinic) for dairy cattle over the last 36 months – due to the length of the report only the first few categories are shown. 1. Identify the Occurrence and Importance of a Specific Disease. Liver Fluke is used in this case as an example. To get a better picture, it is worthwhile to view the occurrence of this disease condition over the last 2 years or longer (if the records exist) for an even better understanding of the disease prevention or early treatment options. 15